Are you wearing the correct work boots for your hike?

Now that restrictions have been lifted it is great that almost all trails around Ireland are again open to the public. Walking groups all over Ireland can now begin regular meetups. Remember that you can go to get ireland walking and put in your area and you will be able to see the details for your nearest walking group. One thing that we have never discussed on our blog is wearing the correct shoes or boots for your walk or hike.

Having the wrong pairs of boots can ruin your walk as it can lead to being uncomfortable or even worse getting blisters on your heel or toes which can put you out of action for a few days. The first thing to check is that the size is a good fir for you. When looking at work boot sizes online we can see that the UK/Ireland boot size can vary differently depending on the brand. For example the U-Power work boot is about half a size smaller than your average walking boot so this is something to keep an eye on when you are shopping around for the correct work boot for your walks.

Most websites will allow you to send your work boots back if you are not happy with the size so again this is something that you can check for on each individual website. We recommend to go for original brands like Delta Plus work boots that are well known as after all one of the things you will be looking for with a good walking work boot is that they are durable and will last at least 9 months with regular use. Any less than that and you should look at changing brands.

Ireland's Best Waymarked Trails - Ordnance Survey Ireland

Some brands that we would recommend are Cofra, U-Power, Dewal, Dickies and Snickers. These are all well known brands that are affordable. Of course your options are not limited to these but these are a good starting point for any hiker who is looking for a new pair of boots. Most of all the aim of the game is to have fun and get a pair of boots that allow you to walk for as long as you can.

How getting a gaming chair can improve your physical health

As we come into a new lockdown unfortunately many of us will be stuck at home unless you are an essential worker. Might this might be OK for some who can work from home, for many this is a nightmare especially at this time of year when it is super cold and it gets dark early. That said it is important to try and stay positive and although many people are stuck at home you can use this time to improve your life for when we do come out of lock down.

Unfortunately many trails will be closed for the moment until we come out of this level 5 lockdown. If you are working from home it is important to have the right setup to ensure that you are comfortable but also that you are sitting healthy at your desk all day. Sitting in the wrong chair or even having the right chair at the wrong height for your desk can really impact your health. It can lead to issues with your spine, joints and even give you knots in your muscles from being hunched over all day. By getting a quality gaming chair for your home you can ensure that you are sitting comfortably and safely for your spine, shoulders and neck.

It is important that you have good posture when sitting and you need to take a 5 minute break every hour and go for a walk around the house or even better outside in the fresh air. By doing this you will not cramp up as much and you can take the pressure off of your joints.

Sitting positions: Posture and back health

Many employers will allow you to write off this expense of a good office chair, gaming chair or office desk or will even offer to cover the cost as it looks like we could be in lockdown for another 2/3 months.

Many people are still sitting at their kitchen table and working for hours every day. This is terribly unhealthy and can do lasting damage to your spine. So while you are stuck in the house and not able to reach the beautiful walking trails around the country please take care of your health so when lockdown ends you will be able to resume your walking pain free!

National Trails Day 2021 – Sunday, January 2nd

NATIONAL TRAILS DAY is a celebration of Ireland’s wonderful variety of trails and a chance for everyone to enjoy some of our most beautiful countryside, forests, mountains and lakes.  With miles and miles of trails to explore, there is a trail to suit everyone. 

So get planning and submit your event today through the online form,  We welcome all trail based events from walking and biking to riding and canoeing suitable for all levels, so get your thinking caps on and we look forward to hearing from you!